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[Pre-Order] Kaiju No. 8: Reno Ichikawa - ArtFX J Statue

[Pre-Order] Kaiju No. 8: Reno Ichikawa - ArtFX J Statue

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   From the anime Kaiju No. 8, Reno Ichikawa comes to life taking aim with his rifle! His suit, mask, and even weapons have been carefully sculpted, allowing fans to enjoy the atmosphere of a Defense Force officer from any angle. In his hands is the standard Defense Force rifle with each feature, from the sight and socket down to the sling recreated in exacting detail. The base takes inspiration from a road during one of his many destructive encounters with other kaiju, featuring detailed shading that shows off the depth of the uneven pavement and even includes parts of a road marking.

  This is a pre-order scheduled for delivery in March 2025.

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