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Manga: Vampire Hunter D (Omnibus Book Four)

Manga: Vampire Hunter D (Omnibus Book Four)

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Vampire Hunter D novel omnibus volume 4 contains volumes 10-12 of the story written by Hideyuki Kikuchi and features illustrations by Yoshitaka Amano.

A treasure of tales awaits inside the oversize Vampire Hunter D Omnibus Book Four, beginning with Dark Nocturne, a collection of three novellas. In the title story, “Dark Nocturne,” D investigates a siren song luring young men to their death. In “An Ode to Imagined Fall,” the Hunter is caught between two lovers against a ritual sacrifice. In “Legend of the War Fiends,” two bioengineered veterans of a conflict long gone find the fight has still not ended.

Then begins the epic four-part novel Pale Fallen Angel, complete in this omnibus, where D takes on perhaps his strangest job yet—escort Baron Byron Balazs, son of a vampire lord, on a treacherous journey to faraway Krauhausen. Not only does D demand a hundred times his usual fee, he exacts a vow that the Baron may not feed upon humans along the way! But even with his client’s price paid in precious metal, D knows that on the Frontier, trustworthiness is still more rare than gold…

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