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(PRE-ORDER) Kotobukiya: IT 2017 Monochrome Pennywise Bishoujo Statue

(PRE-ORDER) Kotobukiya: IT 2017 Monochrome Pennywise Bishoujo Statue

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The 2017 version of Pennywise from It returns to Kotobukiya's Bishoujo figure lineup, this time in creepy monochrome! She's sculpted in incredible detail; check out the soft-looking folds and ripples in her outfit, and the unsettling smirk on her face! She holds out the iconic red balloon (with "I (heart) Derry" added for this release) with a contrasting puddle of dark blood for her base, with Georgie's blood-spattered paper boat floating wanly on its surface. The black-and-white color scheme evokes classic horror films, with only her yellow eyes, the red markings on her face and red lips, the base and the balloon relieving the starkness.

This is a pre-order coming soon.

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