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Bandai Hobby

Bandai Hobby: MAILeS Gouyou Custom 1/72 Scale Model Kit

Bandai Hobby: MAILeS Gouyou Custom 1/72 Scale Model Kit

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The MAILeS Gouyou Custom, the mech operated by the main character in "Kyoukai Senki," gets a new High Grade model kit from Bandai! With an emphasis on expandability, 3mm-diameter connection holes are placed in various places to allow customization. If you combine it with the weapon set series (sold separately), you can create your own custom model! A variety of weapons is included, such as the arm pile, normal assault rifle, and normal handgun. The guns can be attached to various connection holes by using the included joints, and the pile part of the arm pile can slide and reproduce the injection state without parts replacement. Order yours today!

[Includes]: Normal assault rifle Normal handgun Arm pile Weapon rack Rear car truck Hand parts (x1 set) Joint parts (x1 set) Stickers (x2 types)


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