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Harper Alley

Graphic Novel: unOrdinary Volume 1

Graphic Novel: unOrdinary Volume 1

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From WEBTOON, the #1 digital comic platform, comes the popular, action-packed series about John, an ordinary teen with a deadly secret trying to survive high school in a world where superpowers dictate social status, and betrayal and conspiracies make up every turn. Everyone in Wellston Private High School has powers. Everyone except for John. While his classmates spend lunches brawling for the last slice of cake with their superpowered force fields and enhanced speed, John’s stuck in the nurse’s office treating wounds from bullies.

And if surviving high school wasn’t hard enough, at Wellston, the Royals aren’t just your average clique of high-tiered fighters. They’re the most powerful in the region and extremely popular. When John becomes their latest target, he finds himself sucked into their world of turf wars and betrayals.

Action-packed and filled with intrigue, this fan favorite webcomic is now in graphic novel format, with exclusive special content and gorgeous comic layouts.
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