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(PRE-ORDER) Blackseed Toys: Godzilla - Robo Ghinorah Vinyl Figure

(PRE-ORDER) Blackseed Toys: Godzilla - Robo Ghinorah Vinyl Figure

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   "Transcending Time and Space! Robo Ghinorah from Another Dimension!"
Robo Ghinorah is like the Mecha Frieza, the machinic King is infused with a brand-new power, intent on destroying the world. 
    When I was a child, both my brother and I loved Dragon Ball. We would chase after everything related to it, including the manga, movies, VHS tapes, anime, and even games. Before I encountered Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball was probably my GOAT.
   This time, Robo Ghinorah pays homage to Mecha King Gidorah, designed as a semi-biological machine monster that comes from the future. However, in terms of the body design, I wanted to try to imitate Toriyama Akira’s mechanical designs, with smooth lines and a style reminiscent of the space-age aesthetics of the 1960s. It has a futuristic feel while also carrying a touch of retro fantasy.

  This is a pre-order scheduled for release in May 2024.

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